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Ampoule Washing Machine

Ampoule Washing Machine

As being leading manufacturer and exporter of best quality pharma machinery, we have developed a wide range of ampoule washing machine with different capacity. It offers quick and precise operation for ampoule washing.

It contains advanced control system for the ampoule washing. It works to provide output of 18000 receptacles to 24000 receptacles. It is fabricated from high grade material to ensure longer, efficient working life. All contact parts are also made from stainless steel.

Our range of ampoule washing machines is available with different number of washing stations. It contains 12 to 16 stations. It is provided with heating unit for recycling station. It has overall dimensions 207L x 225W x 145H. Gripper unit of the machine pick the ampoule with neck down position. It holds the ampoule in inverted position over the washing needles. Gripper holds ampoule and move with needle bar till the washing is completed.

  • Higher washing output
  • Low maintenance
  • Also used for injections ampoules, and other receptacles
  • Easy installation, easy operation.
  • All contact parts are made from stainless steel.
  • Quick changeover
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