Vacuum Cleaning Machines

Cleaning machines are commonly used in pharmaceutical industry for the bottles or containers. Welded rigid frame of the machine ensures vibration free and noise free operations.

Containers are fed to cleaning station in vertical position. Cleaning head first blow compressed air through inner nozzles in to the container. Mouth of the container is covered and connected to exhaust the air and then vacuum to carry out perfect cleaning. Machine is provided with infeed worm, infeed inverter and exit star wheel. It is also provide with easy control panel. It is also provided with clutch to avoid jamming.

We are reputed manufacturer and exporter of pharma machineries like vacuum cleaning machines. It operates with quick manner. It makes smooth operations of cleaning and 30 to 120 containers per minutes, depending upon the container size as well as machine model.

  • Machine provides 8 air washes
  • Machine is fabricated from high grade stainless steel
  • Contact parts are made from S.S. 304
  • To eliminate jamming, over load clutch is given
  • Noise free and vibration free operation
  • Energy efficient