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Automatic Injectable Ampoule Filling Line Manufacturer- India

Dhara Engineering, the leading manufacturer of Automatic Injectable Ampoule Filling Line, is synonymous with precision, efficiency, and pharmaceutical innovation. The "automatic" part of the line refers to the use of automated technology, sensors, and controls that minimize human intervention, reduce errors, and boost filling process efficiency. Our Automatic Injectable Ampoule Filling Line is a sophisticated system used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to automate the process of filling liquid medications into ampoules (small sealed vials). The line typically consists of several interconnected machines and components designed to perform various functions, such as:

Ampoule Washing: This involves cleaning the ampoules to ensure they are free from contaminants before filling.

Sterilization: To maintain the integrity and safety of the pharmaceutical product, sterilization steps are often included to eliminate any potential microorganisms.

Filling: This is the core process where the liquid medication is precisely dispensed into the cleaned and sterilized ampoules. The filling process needs to be accurate, ensuring the correct volume of the medication is distributed into each ampoule.

Sealing: After filling, the ampoules are sealed to maintain the sterility and integrity of the contents. This could involve heat sealing or other methods to securely close the ampoules.

Labeling and Packaging: Once filled and sealed, the ampoules may be labeled with necessary information like dosage, expiration date, and other relevant details before being packaged for distribution.

Features of Automatic Injectable Ampoule Filling Line

  • Precision Filling Mechanism
  • Flexibility in Ampoule Sizes
  • Sterilization and Cleaning Modules
  • Automated Operations
  • Integrated Quality Control
  • Sealing Capabilities
  • Customization Options
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Reliability and Maintenance

Specification of Automatic Injectable Ampoule Filling Line

We provide Injectable Ampoule Filling Machine. Because they are manufactured in accordance with the most recent industrial standards, these machines are generally appreciated in the market for their strong construction and highly efficient performance. Aside from that, we have a wide range of specifications for these machines that we can give to customers based on their needs.

MaterialStainless Steel
Driven TypeElectric
Automation GradeAutomatic
Ampoules1 ml
Output30 ampoules per minute
Minimum Order Quantity 1