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  Process of Linear Vial Washing Machine

We are considered as the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of quick and efficient linear vial washing machine. We have developed different models of such machinery with varied capacity.

It is made from stainless steel. All contact parts are also made from S.S. 304. We offer latest control system for the easy and rapid washing cycles. It is made to meet cGMP requirements.

It is provided with 3 pumping stations. It contains electrical loading platform. It is available with input capacity of 2 mm to 30 ml. smart design of linear vial washing machine provide least change over time. Machine is designed to offer total flexibility for different kinds of wash cycle as per need. It can be provided with vial inspection station and vial loading platform on demand.

Features of Linear Vial Washing Machine:

To wash and clean the internal and external surfaces of vials in linear motion, the linear vial washing machine is designed. While washing the vials, they are held into pockets. To clean the vials methodically, the vial need to be washed 3 to 5 times with recycled water and purified water, and also air washes are needed to clean the surfaces. According to the client's requirement, the washing cycles can be designed. The linear vial washing machine consists of 3 centrifugal pumps to ensure excellent cleaning. The linear vial washing machine is manufactured with components that are sourced concerning the quality norm. This machine is compactly designed for low maintenance.

  • Customized washing cycle.
  • Consistent
  • Washing sequence can be customized as per customer's needs
  • centrifugal Pumps
  • Machine provides multiple washes & Air washes.