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  Process of Liquid Filling Machine for Cosmetic - Libya

Our bottle washing machines are available for so many cosmetic items. There are countless cosmetic products that need bottle packing.So to pack the product in bottles for long time period, bottle washing machine is used.

Shampoo, face wash, body wash, hand wash, hair oil, hair conditioner, hair repairer, body lotions, toners, moisturizers, creams and many more products are used in everyday life. So in order to pack these products, bottles must be prepared and washed to avoid all kinds of contamination. We have design bottle washing solution for cosmetic with advanced features. It is developed to offer high productivity with quick and accurate operations.

Features of Liquid Filling Machine for Cosmetic:

Bottle washing machine for cosmetics is not much different than other bottle washing machine. It consists of conveyor belt that align the bottle in ideal place, the nozzles sprays use recycled and purified water to wash the bottles. The bottles go through water washes for multiple times and air washes to clean the inner and outer surface of the bottle properly. The bottles are sterilized before filling the content in them. Afterwards, the cleaned bottles are collected in a tray.

We provide bottle washing solution for cosmetics through our machines. The bottle washing machines we offer for cosmetics are available with different features according to the use. They are made with pure and robust raw materials to ensure the durability and quality of the machine. Exporting of the cosmetics bottle washing machine manufactured by us is offered with customer-oriented services.

  • Nozzle sprays to clean inner and outer surface.
  • Easy operations.
  • High functionality.
  • Customized washing cycles.
  • Corrosion Resistant.