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Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine Supplier in Libya

We are one of the best multi-jet vial washing machine manufacturers and suppliers in Libya. multi-jet vial washing machine is a component of pharmaceutical production equipment used to clean vials before filling them with medication. Typically, the machine comprises of a conveyor system that transports vials through a series of washing stations. These stations use high-pressure water jets, as well as air and vacuum, to remove any particles or impurities from the vial's surface.

The multi-jet system is designed to ensure thorough cleaning of each vial, even in hard-to-reach areas, by using multiple jets of water from different angles. The machine can be configured to handle a variety of vial sizes and shapes, making it versatile for different production needs. The washing process is typically automated, reducing the risk of contamination from human error.

It important in the pharmaceutical industry to use a multi-jet vial washing machine to ensure that the medicine is not contaminated by any particles or germs that may be present on the outside of the vial. This relates to the medication's safety and efficacy.

Features of Multi-Jet Vial Washing Machine

  • Multi-jet washing
  • High-speed washing
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • PLC control
  • Multiple washing stages
  • Compressed air drying
  • Automatic capping

Specification of Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

Brand Dhara Engineers
Washing Type Jet Washing
Function Type Semi-Automatic
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Source Electric
Capacity 90 to 160 Ampoules/Min
Usage/Application Pharmaceutical
Overall Dimensions 990 mm (L) X 860 mm (W) X 940 mm (H)