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Stoppering Machine Exporter in Libya

Dhara Engineers Libya's Best Manufacturer, Exporter and Suppliers of Stoppering Machines in Libya. A stoppering machine is a type of pharmaceutical equipment used to place rubber stoppers on vials or bottles to produce an airtight closure. The machine works by inserting the stopper into the vial or bottle opening and pressing down to form a tight seal. Stoppering machines can package a wide range of pharmaceutical items, such as liquids, powders, and lyophilized pharmaceuticals.

There are several types of stoppering machines, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Manual stoppering machines require an operator to manually load vials onto the machine and then insert the stoppers by hand. Semi-automatic machines are partially automated and require some operator intervention, while fully automatic machines are completely automated and can handle large volumes of vials with little or no operator intervention.

At Dhara Eng. , we understand the importance of safety and efficiency in the production of pharmaceuticals. That's why we offer a range of fully automated stoppering machines that are designed to handle high volumes of vials with minimal operator intervention. Our machines are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the stoppering process is accurate and reliable, reducing the risk of human error.

Features of Stoppering Machines

  • Versatility
  • Automation
  • Sterilization
  • Speed
  • Quality control
  • Customization

Specification of Stoppering Machine

Brand Dhara Engineers
Usage/Application Pharma,Cosmetic,Food and Veterinary Industry
Capacity 7200 Vials Per Hour
Driven Type Electric
Packaging Type Vial & Bottle
Machine Type Automatic
Material SS
Automation Grade Automatic
Filling Accuracy Filling Accuracy more than 1%
Voltage 220 Voltage