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When it is affair related to pharmaceuticals and medicines, highly preciseness and accuracy are crucial. Considering all risk factors regarding syringe sealing Machine is built with high grade stainless steel material.

we have designed excellent series of syringe sealing machines.

It is provided with conveyor belt for the feeding of syringes. Syringed are feed in the star-wheel, where it is set with the sealing head. Cap of the syringe are feed in delivery chute from the filling bowl. Sealing head take up the cap and place it on the syringe. Machine performs effectively with predefined torque to make even sealing operation. Such process eliminates human errors as well as contamination.

To improve the security of the syringe, the caps are used to seal the syringe. In some medicines the content of the syringe is safe until the seal is opened thus; to seal the cap of the medicine is necessary. The syringes are easy to transport if they have been sealed and there are fewer chances of them leaking. Additionally, the content of the syringe is safe from reacting with the outside environment by sealing them. They are moisture and oxygen free till they are sealed. To store the content for longer time the syringe is sealed. We manufacture the syringe sealing machine with super quality materials by our skilful engineers. Our syringe sealing machines are designed by our specialized experts.

Features of Syringe Sealing Machines:

We are among the leading industries developing a finest syringe sealing machines. Our sealing machine is manufactured with robust materials. To ensure reliable performance in sealing the syringe, our machines are developed using superior technologies.

  • Structural parts are of stainless steel
  • Adjustable height of conveyor belt
  • Accurate pick and put display
  • Predefined torque
  • Robust construction